Frequently Asked Questions

What is a direct care practice?

Direct care is a progressive medical care model that focuses on the patient-doctor relationship rather than the insurance-payor-to-doctor relationship. We do not participate with any insurance or government healthcare programs. This model takes the middleman out of patient care, cuts through the layers of bureaucratic complexity, and allows us to provide good, old-fashioned medicine in modern times. 

Doctors have more time to spend with patients because we are no longer feeling the rising pressure from dwindling insurance reimbursement, frustrating denied insurance claims for standard practices, or private equity firms dictating the time we spend with patients to keep our revenue machine trending up and staffing costs down. 

In direct care, patients pay a reasonable fee, in full, for their care at the time of their visit and there are no surprise bills after the visit because we are not depending on insurance companies to approve the visit. All of this leads to a better experience for the patient and the doctor.

Are you out-of-network?

Yes. Dr. Goddard is considered an out-of-network provider for ALL insurance plans. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be seen by Dr Goddard, it only means that our office will not submit your visit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

  • For those of you with private payer insurance (not government-supported), we can provide you with a superbill with the necessary codes for your visit, which you can submit to your insurance. This will allow your visit expense with Dr Goddard to count toward your deductible or may result in reimbursement to you if you have met your deductible
  • You can also use a HSA or FSA card to pay for your visit with Dr Goddard. These types of pre-tax funds are perfect for out-of-network medical expenses such as direct care medicine. 

Certain patients who have government insurance policies, such as Medicaid, are not permitted to be seen for non-cosmetic services due to government regulations.

What if I need a biopsy or blood work done?

We have options for you! 

  • You can use your insurance for most pathology (biopsy) lab fees and blood work that is typically covered by your plan. We can submit a copy of your insurance card alone with the lab specimen. We cannot know ahead of time how much they will cover or what your responsibility of the bill will be. 
  • We have negotiated drastically lower “cash based” prices with our pathology lab and certain labs for bloodwork (such as Quest) that we can pass along to you, should you choose not to use your insurance, or if you do not have insurance. These reduced rates are 75-90% lower than what insurance is billed for the same test! That just goes to show how much insurance inflates prices of services!
What’s the benefit of Direct Pay for patients?

We keep it simple. Without third party payors, we remove the extreme regulations, administrative costs, and labor associated with contracting with insurance companies and government plans. That means we can pass that savings and extra time on to your care.  

With skyrocketing healthcare costs, patients pay expensive insurance premiums yet still can’t afford care due to high deductibles and co-pays. To make matters worse, patients have no idea what their out-of-pocket costs are until they receive a surprise bill months later. With direct care, there are no surprise bills or statements that show up after the visit.

Patients with high deductibles or no insurance will likely find that our fees are significantly lower than what they are currently paying out-of-pocket. 

Maine Direct Dermatology offers savings on prescription medications by getting creative. We can use a compounded medication formulary, direct medication dispensing in the office at wholesale prices, and other cost-saving options to get you the most affordable pricing on prescription medications.

Will my insurance help cover any of your costs?
  • If you have private insurance such as BCBS, Aetna, etc., we can provide you with a superbill that includes visit codes. You can submit this to your insurance, yourself, and they will evaluate if your office visit fees from MD Derm can be used toward your deductible or you may even get reimbursed if you have met your deductible for the year.
  • If you have a government based insurance plan such as Medicare or Medicaid, we can not provide you with a superbill and they do not allow you to be reimbursed for visit with MD Derm. 
  • For private insurance and Medicare patients, you can chose to use your insurance for lab fees, imaging (radiology), pathologist fees, and prescriptions.
I’m not sure which type of appointment to schedule

That’s okay! Give us a call or message us in our “contact us” message box and we’ll help figure it out with you.

Do you offer payment plans for higher-cost procedures?
  • Our top priority is improving access to expert dermatologic care. If you need a medical procedure, such as a skin cancer removal,  that is unobtainable for you financially, we are open to discussing a payment plan with you, in person, on an individual basis. 
  • We do not offer payment plans for elective cosmetic procedures
Do you offer Teledermatology (Virtual) visits?

Yes we do! Performed directly through our secure and privacy protected technology platform, our teledermatology visits can help you address a number of new or existing dermatology-related problems. Common conditions we can address virtually include acne, rosacea, hair loss, psoriasis and other various rashes. Conditions that cannot be addressed with teledermatology include skin cancers, changing moles or conditions requiring hands on surgical procedures.

What Medical Dermatology services do you offer?
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes
  • Melasma
  • Full “head-to-toe” skin exam 
  • Mole exams, including urgent spot checks for a single mole or skin growth that is changing, bleeding, painful, or has a concerning appearance.
  • Cryotherapy (freezing precancerous actinic keratosis, irritated seborrheic keratosis (nicknamed “barnacles”) or warts
  • Skin cancer and skin biopsies (both Shave and Punch)
  • Hair loss and treatment plan
  • Autoimmune inflammatory conditions
  • Blistering skin conditions
  • Accutane management
  • Functional medicine consultation for those struggling with chronic inflammation in the skin and are interested in exploring potential root causes such as leaky gut, SIBO, hormonal imbalances, nutritional/micronutrient deficiencies.
What Surgical Dermatology services do you offer?
  • Raised mole removal
  • Skin tag removal - freezing and snipping. $150 and up
  • Cosmetic freezing for seborrheic keratosis (AKA “barnacles” or brown, rough, warty age spots) or appropriate facial lentigines (flat light brown age spots) 
  • Benign excision (surgical removal of entire lesion that requires stitching) such as: lipomas, cysts, neurofibromas, or very large “skin tags” that require stitching. 
  • Skin cancer excision
  • Destruction of superficial skin cancers by curettage (scraping) and electrodessication (burning) - often referred to as “scrape and burn” in dermatology offices, appropriate for smaller superficial basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma in situ and not an option for deeper skin cancers.
  • Cosmetic cauterization for sebaceous hyperplasia (overgrown oil glands on the face), or cherry angiomas (bright red small growths on the body).
  • Milia extraction (those little white pinpoint bumps/cysts that are a common nuisance on the face. They are clogged pores with trapped miniature keratin cysts.
What Cosmetic & Aging related services do you offer?
  • Cosmetic consultation and plan creation
  • Wrinkle relaxers (Botox™, Dysport™, Xeomin™) to reduce lines that are caused by facial muscle movement.
  • Volume boosters: “fillers” for for fuller lips, cheeks, or a more defined jawline
  • Chemical Peels